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Welcome to the Viper Logic Domain Name Assistance website. Here we provide you with 11 easy steps to selecting and purchasing a domain name.

Viper Logic has built this domain name help website to assist in the selection of domain names for new or existing businesses and individuals.

Viper Logic has formulated a set of domain name guidelines and approaches to help you select the best domain name(s) for your personal or commerce needs. This informative tool will greatly help increase your Internet presence when applied as outlined here.

We have accumulated the knowledge below over the years, while buying domain names for clients and ourselves. Viper Logic is qualified to help you through this key process. Most of what Domain Name Assistance has learned and is furnishing to you comes from our team and their countless hours of research, including a lot of trial and error.
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Before You Select a Domain Name
Decide first who your target audience will be, and, next, please select which one of two common approaches below you will apply to direct visitors to your website.

  • The first approach to purchasing a domain name:
    If you are mainly going to send mail to, or verbally communicate to, potential customers that you have a detailed website, then this first approach is for you. In this first case, your domain name selection should just be easy, catchy, and quick to understand when it is read by or spoken to your clients. Otherwise they will easily forget your domain name and not visit your website. Your domain name will additionally be very important for printed materials that you will furnish to a potential client.

    Remember, a domain name can be up to 63 characters in length, including the ending. However, your goal here should be to apply the shortest use of characters possible, while still accomplishing your goal to have a catchy and easy to remember domain name.

  • The second approach to purchasing a domain name:
    With this second approach, you intend to submit your website to the top search engines, using a search engine optimization and marketing company who is extremely trained and knowledgeable in providing this type of service. In this case, the domain name(s) you select for your website should include the words (keywords) pertaining to the key offerings or products of your business in order to achieve the best search engine results.
Example Scenario:
You are a chocolate candy company called Carla's Chocolate Candy Company, and your candies are made custom ordered with the customers logo applied to the candies surface or the box the candies come in. In this case, we advise that your domain name selection be as specific as possible to bring you the best search engine results from a potential client doing a search in one of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) for the type of product or service you are offering. We would propose these domain names as examples for this business:

What You Should Almost Always Avoid
This section provides our best advice that we have to offer. We search well over 20,000 expired domain names daily, and we have developed a list of domain name drop-offs that do not seem to work in search engines. You should not buy more than 2 domain names for use on a single websites main page, because search engines discredit this practice and may even get your website de-listed.

  • Try not to use of a hyphen (-), because hyphens do not appear to be effective with search engines.

  • You should avoid using a personal name.

    Example: With, the name Carla's in this example may hide the domain name from the search engines ability to find relevant information during a potential clients search request.
  • Try not to use a word that is not easy to spell. These difficult words may not work well. People may not freely type these words into a search engine or online directory.

    Example: Aphrodisiacs
These guidelines and methods can make the investment of a domain name seem difficult, but we feel very strongly about not applying some types of words or wording in order to obtain the best search engine results.

When you select a domain name, it is an investment and part of your company or organization's overall branding. We want you to understand how a potential client finds your online presence, via the Internet, and this is done through a search engine or online directory. We have, over the course of over 10+ years, analyzed what potential clients type to determine what they are looking for.

You should in most all domain name selections (unless it is a part of your product or service or in your company name) keep from buying domain names that use some of the words below within your domain name selection.

Example: or You should really purchase to be most effective in the search engine results.

A partial list of words that we have detected have no effect on search engines:

The, My, Best, Secret, Big, Biggest, Custom, Special, Elite, A, You, Your, Our, Its, For, From, Smart, Great, About, Any, Better, Beyond, Fare, Every, Everything, Fast, Fastest, Absolute, Fine, Finest, First, Free, Cheap, Cheapest, Get, Got, Global, High Highest, Large, Largest, Little, Littlest, Live, Local, Location, Long Longest, Mini, More, Less, Least, New, Absolute, Quick, Quickest, Sell, Sale, Save, Savings, Size, Sizes, Small, Smallest, Rich, Richer, Richest, Super, Top, Total, trust, Trusted, Up, Down, Low, Lowest, Virtual, Will, With, Rather, WWW, Simple, Simplest, All, Always, Just, Real, Gone, Stuff, Things, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Here are some other words we would steer clear of in most cases, again, unless it is a part of your name.

Web They are already on the Internet
Website They are already on the Internet
Service(s) Everyone is a service
Online You are already online
Product(s) What you are offering is a product
Internet You are already in it
Biz Rarely typed by a customer
Business You are in it
Buy You are selling, the customer is buying already
Ecommerce Assumed you sell online
Store A website is one
Professional Everyone believes they are
Assured We are all assured
Global The Internet is already
World The Internet is already
Virtual The Internet is already
Guaranteed Everyone is guarantying everything
Quality Everyone should prove it
World We are all in it already
Showroom Your website is one
Source Everything on the Internet is a source for something
Unique Everything is
Success Everyone believes they are one
Wholesale Even if they are not, sellers think they are
Priority Everything is
Affordable Everything is to someone
Bargain Everything is
Shop This and information are the Internet's prime functions
E or I Before a noun, like estore or Istore
Preferred Everything is
Private Everything is

Example: should just be Company, Corporation, Inc, Business, Foundation, HQ, Headquarters, LLC, Association, Group, International, USA, Enterprises and National should further be avoided.

Almost never use numbers (unless it is part of your company name), because customers will not know if you are using the actual number or spelling it out.

Example: (4 or four) or ( or or
We do not recommend the purchase of an intentionally misspelled word or name for your company.

Example: as opposed to the correctly spelled name. This tactic will yield you a few accidental or misspelled potential customers, but, other than that, it is a real waste of time.

Legally, you should avoid including a trademarked name of a branded company into your domain name (unless you have written permission) selection for the obvious reasons that you might be asking for legal problems.

Example: With, Hershey's is a registered and brand awareness product of the Hershey Corporation in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
What is a Domain Name Ending? domain names
The ending on a domain name would be the .com, .net, .org for the USA, and any of the 100's that are available for each country today around the globe, which you may also choose from in most cases. You may now buy an .anything extension as well such as example.viper

Selecting a Domain Name Ending:

We suggest for the ending and as a note for all the names that we purchase at, end with the most common and the most popular ending .com. Even if you are a non-profit organization and want to purchase the .org ending, which also stands for organization, you might also purchase the commonly typed .com end when at all possible.

See all domain name endings globally by clicking top-level domain

What is a domain name ending defined:

The final section of the name '.com', '.biz', '.info', '.uk', '.de' is called the top-level domain (TLD). These exhibit no affiliation with a particular country (like .com) and are called Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD). These are operated by registrars appointed by ICANN. However, in addition, every country in the world has a two letter code (a country code TLD or ccTLD). These ccTLDs are operated by a range of organizations: some are not-for-profit commercial organizations, and others are government departments. Some have signed a contract with ICANN, while some have not.
Selecting the Best Words
In using Carla's Chocolate Candy Company as an example, we would prefer a name that is focused on what Carla's company does. Carla makes chocolate logo candies, placed in logo printed boxes. Due to most one and two word domain names having already been registered, we would not likely be able to purchase, but we might get or What we have selected is Carla's keywords, and the first word is chocolate (a noun), followed by the next important word candy (a noun), and logo (a noun).

This domain name keyword selection allows Carla's placement in search engines to provide the best search results for bringing potential customers to Carla's website.

In our example, the search engine category would be "chocolate" and "candies" (which is a very popular category). It is important to have a domain name that is focused on what your company mainly provides. Carla is focused on logo-designed chocolate candies.

It is very important not be to be vague in your domain name description like "candy" or "chocolate", because you may not come up well or high up in search engine page results under a title like candy or chocolate. But, if you are searched by a potential client under "chocolate logo candies", your chances of being placed much higher in the search engine results are greatly enhanced.
Selecting Your Domain Name
First purchase the domain name of your company or organization as it is spelled out. However, sometimes, after trying this process, the domain name may not be available, because the name has previously been purchased by another party. When this unfortunate dilemma occurs, you can try one of the following:

  • Try to purchase the domain name from its current owner, if not currently being utilized. There is a good chance that you can purchase this name for a reasonable price. (See Buyers Help)
  • Second, you can abbreviate the name partially or entirely. (For use in verbal and printed materials only)
  • Third, you may even select a domain name that is altogether different than the actual name of your company or organization.
Here are a couple of abbreviation examples: for, you can try or

This abbreviating should only be for a close match to your actual company name for your printed materials and for use in a conversations with potential clients. This should not be applied to your search engine friendly product or services description as search engines will not understand abbreviations.

If your product or service can be applied in singular and plural form, then purchase both names. By doing so, clients and search engines will locate you easier.

Domain name examples:

The two most significant items to share with you are:

  • Always purchase a domain name consisting of a noun.
  • Always put your most important descriptive noun if possible in the start of your domain name.
  • Try to limit your domain name to two or three words which are ideally all nouns. Unless of course your company name is like ours, which has one noun and an adjective in its domain name.
Understand What Search Engines Look At
For this stage, the Internet Search Engines support the best results when the name of your business or organizations wording are relevant to what you are offering, as showing above in our chocolate candy logo company example. Notice that we used a domain name specific to what the candy company offers and not necessarily the name of the actual candy company. You may decide to purchase both, the actual company name as it is spelled out and the search engine friendly domain name.

You would purchase and apply this name for all verbal communication and printed materials. For the second domain name, you would purchase to use as your search engine friendly domain name. This approach is one technique to obtain a higher search engine page ranking.

To prevent confusion in the branding of your company, you should resist the use of the search engine friendly domain name in your communications and printed materials.

Two domain names can be utilized to a single website, and this should still not affect your search engine submission and ranking results.

Any additional domain names that you decide to utilize can be directed to other pages within the website when you offer multiple products and/or services. (The requirements for more than 2 domain names are rare, but it can be required in some larger website applications.)
Who Controls Domain Names?
ICANN (pronounced "I can") is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They are located in Marina Del Rey, California, USA.
Domain Owner's Bill of Rights domain names
Domain Owner's Bill of Rights
  1. Having paid the full cost of registration, domain owners will not have their rights or interests trampled upon by others who covet their assets.
  2. The wishes and intentions of domain owners must be considered in decisions affecting the property, or contract rights or taxation of their domains.
  3. Domain owners, acting in good faith, shall have the right to have domain ownership claims heard by an efficient, industry-aware, objective, and equitable body of competent jurisdiction.
  4. Domain ownership conveys no right to abrogate law, ethics, and time-honored industry practices.
  5. Domain owners have the right to be protected and catered to in the transfer and ownership of domains, in domain disputes, and against domain hijacking.
  6. Domain owners shall have the full cooperation of domain registrars and registries when they request transfer of their domains between wwners or registrars.
  7. Domain owners shall have the full cooperation of domain registrars and registries in promptly returning stolen domains to the rightful owner.
  8. Domain owners are entitled to protection against reverse hi-jacking attempts. Owners forced to defend against such actions shall be entitled to recover their expenses when arbitration panels, courts, or legal bodies of agreed upon jurisdiction rule that an attempted reverse-hijacking has occurred. The domain owner should also be awarded punitive damages from the party initiating a reverse hijacking attempt.
  9. Domain owners shall not be deprived of their property & contract rights without full due process of law, and they shall be entitled to full and just compensation in those rare instances when deprivation occurs.
  10. ICANN's powers shall be confined solely to the limited and distinct mission set out in its ByLaws of technical coordination of the domain name system and policy development as it is reasonably and appropriately related to that narrow technical function. All other aspects of legal use and enjoyment of domain names should be reserved and protected by traditional law and regulation for those who have paid for the registration rights - domain owners.
The Domainer's Bill of Rights was developed by the Internet Commerce Association (ICA).
How and Where to Buy a Domain Name
Let's start with buying domain names. Start by searchig for "Purchase Domain Name" which will provide you with many domain name registrars. Domain pricing is very competitive these days and you should expect to pay around $12 a year. Be careful with very cheap pricing where they force you to purchase other services with the domain name. You can register domain names for a minimum of 1 year and up to a maximum of 10 years.
Buyers Help
We offer two services to assist you in your domain name selection.
  • Service 1 - Email Domain Name Assistance your business model and we will select several domain names for you utilizing our knowledge base including names that may now be available to the public for $300 USD each. with a $25.00 USD setup/handling fee.

  • Service 2 - Have us represent you as your agent to acquire a domain name already in use. Viper Logic will discretely and confidentially contact and negotiate on a pre-established price that you are willing to pay for a domain name that you want but is not available.

    The fees for this service is as follows:

    • 20% fee for the first $2000.00 USD of the negotiated purchase price
    • 10% fee for $2001.00 USD and above
    • $100.00 USD escrow fee
    • $85.00 USD setup/handling fee (which includes 1 year registration)

    You do not have to pay anything if Viper Logic does not acquire the domain name for you. There is a $100 USD charge required to begin the task to secure the domain name you are seeking. The $100 will be applied to your purchase. If the domain name is not purchased, the $100 will pay for our service.

    You can contact Viper Logic via phone at (760) 320-1414 or toll-free at (855) 750-1414. You can also use the Contact Us button at the top of this page for submitting an online form request. Form requests are returned within 24 hours.
Domain name help will educate you in what you should look for when selecting a domain name. The knowledge within this site is intended to act as a guideline and does in any way guarantee or constitutes success or failure in the financial outcome for the domain name that you ultimately select and choose to apply through Domain Name Assistance.
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